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Maggie is a NC Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#991) and she is a clinical member in the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and NCMFT.   While the study of Family Therapy is first and foremost a philosophy of treatment, training as a MFT also teaches specific ways of dealing with couples experiences marital dissatisfaction. She has been fortunate to train with many of the leaders in Marital Therapy. She uses several behavioral, solution focused approaches learned through trainings with Michelle Weiner Davis and John Gottman. She combines these with more emotionally focused, insight oriented methods that include identifying patterns between couples, identifying unmet needs, influences of family of origin, and seeks to alter the couple “dance”. She has been influenced by Harriet Lerner and Harville Hendrix and incorporates their ideas and techniques in therapy.

Maggie often uses the Prepare/Enrich Program that begins with a thorough marital inventory that helps couples identify strengths and weaknesses. The inventory has different versions for pre-marital, married, and remarried couples. The Prepare/Enrich program can be used with individuals or in groups.

The Prepare/Enrich Program can help build a stronger marriage.  Over one million couples have taken the program!  This program is scientifically developed and designed to assess relationship strength and growth areas.  It can be used successfully with premarital and married couples.  It is designed to specifically help couples get their marriage off to a better start and to enrich their marriage.  Many divorces occur partly because couples are not prepared for marriage.

Couples marry anticipating happiness "ever after".   Frequently, couples spend more time preparing for the wedding ceremony than for their marriage relationship!  However, roughly half or first marriages will end in divorce, most within seven years.  The percentage of
re-marriages ending in divorce is even higher.  When problems start to develop, too many couples wait, hoping things will improve.  Getting counseling within the first years of marriage can help couples communicate better, solve problems without anger, and grow in marital happiness. 

Maggie recently trained in the PREP relationship enhancement program. This is a group program that is both informative and entertaining. It can be presented over a weekend or several weeks. The program includes video examples of couples arguing and teaches different ways to communicate. She is looking forward to offering this program at her church Spring, 2006.

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